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SS80 G43 80% Lower Frame Only
SS80 G43 80% Lower Frame Only

SS80 G43 80% Lower Frame Only

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Here's the brand new 80% Lower that you've been waiting for… the build-your-own Single Stack 80% Lower that you complete with Glock 43 parts. 

The NEW SS80 Single Stack 80% Lower is now the best 80% lower on the market. This new version is not only new but improved in design and materials… it's even easier to complete!


We have these in colors NOW. We will cerakote these when you order them. You will not have to pre-order these color because we can ship them right away.

Based on the customer feedback and months of research and development, the SS80 is made with a much stronger and more durable nylon/polymer blend that is similar to the original 43 but actually dampens felt recoil and provides
even better reliability. 

You'll notice the grip texture immediately. It provides a rock solid grip that feels good and is strikingly attractive. The frame is shaped with a double trigger undercut that allows you to get a higher grip on the gun, which reduces felt recoil and improves speed and accuracy. 

When completed, this gun is a shooter! It's accurate, easy to conceal, and has less recoil due to the frame shape and material.

As with all 80% Lowers, at this time there is no serial number, no FFL required, and no registration needed!

Make sure to buy  your SS80 Builders Tool Set, Lower Parts Kit, Upper Parts Kit, and Complete Uppers to help complete your build.

Watch our videos online for complete instructions and information on aftermarket upgrades, holsters, break-in and shooting tips.

Please Note: This is the SS80 Single Stack Frame Blank (aka 80% Lower) ONLY. It does not include any of the parts or tools required to complete the lower. We carry an SS80 Builders Tool Set which includes the tools necessary to finish the lower. The SS80 Single Stack 80% Lower is ONLY compatible with factory and aftermarket Glock 43 parts. 


  • SS80 Return Policy

    Returns will not be accepted once the receiver is modified in any way.

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