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Polymer 80 PF45 80% Large Frame
Polymer 80 PF45 80% Large Frame

Polymer 80 PF45 80% Large Frame

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The PF45 is Polymer80’s next generation of polymer 80% frames for Glock® handguns, bringing improved ergonomics, features and looks to the popular Polymer80 frames. The PF45 allows Glock® 20, 21 owners to create a customized handgun, exactly suited for any application. The PF45 give you the chance to build in .45 ACP and 10mm. This frame is compatible with parts designed for Gen3 Glock 20SF and 21SF platforms.

Compatible with Gen3 Glock® Components. Not Compatible with Gen4

Improved next generation ergonomics make for a great shooting pistol

High strength reinforced polymer construction provides a great basis for a reliable & durable gun Aggressive texture on the PF45 ensures positive retention

Picatinny rail is compatible with all standard lights, lasers & accessories

Stainless steel locking block ensures positive operation & a lifetime of use

Stainless steel drop-in rear rail module interfaces with the slide and holds up to hard abuse Hardened front and rear rail system pins ensure slide/rail/frame interface is rock solid. Complete finishing Jig, Jig includes drill bits and end mill, allowing for complete construction.

The 80% frame features are carried over from the original Polymer 80 frames, making your build incredibly straightforward to complete. New grip profiling and improved overall design, make this not only an easier frame to operate and shoot, but looks great mounted to your favorite slide.

No serial number, no FFL required, and no registration needed!

Federal law states that you can build a firearm for personal use. This law has been in effect for years but one knows when or if it will be changed or repealed.

Now is your best time to purchase the Polymer 80 lower. This do-it-yourself kit accepts Glock factory parts and we have assembled both a Lower Parts Kit and an Upper Parts Kit to help you build the Polymer 80 into a fully functional firearm.

The Polymer 80 is the best lower kit available. In fact, at this time, it is the only 80% lower available. Nonetheless, it is very high quality and we've seen many complete guns that have turned out great. We've also seen some that were not finished correctly so it is extremely important that you read and follow the directions.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase an 80% lower. We here to support your choice with the information and parts you need to make it a reality.

The PF45 is compatible with Glock® 20/21 frame components.

Returns will not be accepted once the receiver is modified in any way.

Polymer 80 Return Policy

Returns will not be accepted once the receiver is modified in any way.

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