LTS offers custom cerakote services, slide optic cutting and re-finishing on all of your firearms and accessories. Have your favorite color or design painted on your firearm, suppressor, or anything else that you wish to customize. We have searched far and wide and have found some of the best Cerakoters in the business and have added them to our team of designers. These Picasso's of the gun world have gladly joined us and now we offer Cerakoting and Refinishing for your favorite firearms in house. We keep a large number of colors in stock at all times, and have access to any Cerakote color you could want or desire. Colors we generally stock are Graphite Black. Armor Black, Metallic Black, Socom Blue, Tungsten, FDE, Coyote Tan, Benelli Sand, RAL-8000, Bazooka Green, OD Mil Spec Green, Crushed Silver, Kel-Tec Navy Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Prison Pink, Safety Orange, and many more along with several Gun Candy colors (


We can also assist you in other re-finish methods including Hydrodipping, Electroless Nickel, Chroming, Parkerizing, etc. Call or send us a message to place an order or for more details at [email protected] or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and select Cerakote under the Department tab. 

Want to really add a special touch to your gun? We also offer Laser Engraving and slide optic cutting services that make your gun truly personal. Whether you want to add a serial number, a special message or a full blown picture or design, we can help you achieve any look that you are going for. Laser engraving is not as expensive as you might think and we can work with any budget. Nothing says Custom like Laser Engraving.

Our Cerakote services start at $50.00 and we can do anything that you desire. Please note that all custom orders will delay shipping and our average shipping time on custom order is 7-14 business days. These times are only estimates and will vary depending on our current work load. Contact us for more details and we look forward to making your dream a reality. 

Cerakote Pricing:

Pistol Slide: $50.00

Pistol Lower: $50.00

Complete Pistol: $100.00

Complete Rifle: $160.00

Rifle Accents: $75.00

Rifle Furniture: $75.00

Prices listed are for single color cerakote. For multiple colors please contact us for a quote.


Complete Shotguns: $340.00
(Butt stock, forearm, barrel, receiver, end cap and trigger guard)

Complete Over & Under Shotgun: $380.00

Stock Only: $130.00
Forearm Only: $85.00
Barrel Only: $145.00
Receiver Only: $95.00


Complete Rifle (barrel, stock): $310.00
Black Powder Rifle: $280.00
Rifle Stock Only: $120.00
Target Stock or Thumb hole stock: $150.00
Rifle Barrel/Receiver Only: $145.00

CARBINE Style Rifles & Parts
Complete AR Style Rifle: $450.00
(Includes: Butt stock, Scope & Risers, Hand guard, Upper/Lower, Barrel, Grip and one mag.)

AR Body Set (Butt stock, hand guard, pistol Grip): $185.00
AR upper only: $99.00
AR lower only: $99.00
AR Upper/lower combo: $160.00
Butt stock: $70.00
Hand guard (standard): $60.00
Tactical Grip: $45.00
Charging Handle: $20.00
Barrel only: $85.00
Magazine (20-30 round): $30.00
Bipod: $55.00
(Bipods will be double dipped and coating will not be guaranteed due to excessive wear)


Complete Pistol (6" or under): $140.00
Complete Pistol (over 6"): $155.00
Revolver frame & Cylinder: $150.00
Top Slide only: $99.00
Frame only: $80.00
Contender Pistol Grip and forearm: $110.00
Pistol Grips (such as 1911 grips per set of 2): $85.00

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