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9mm Luger Laser Bullet
9mm Luger Laser Bullet

9mm Luger Laser Bullet

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This is a 9mm Luger laser bullet, designed to be loaded into an empty magazine and placed into the chamber, or simply drop it in the chamber. For single action firearms (Glock, AR and AK platform, S&W, etc.) rack the slide halfway to re-cycle the firing pin.

The Laser Bullet has been tested to work to 5,000 shots, although some units have tested far beyond 10,000 shots. Furthermore, this laser bullet ranges +200 yards at night making night time shooting possible, just don’t point at moving vehicles including airplanes or at people.

Do not expose to extreme temperatures, heavy impacts or fall hard on the floor. When you finish dry firing, eject directly on top of a surface to prevent any internal damages due to high impacts.

**The laser bullet is made to the same specs. as a live round, the difference with a live round is that no matter how strong the extractor’s pressure– provoking a tilt of the bullet–  on the side of the bullet is, it will straighten its trajectory via the rifling. In this case, as it is a thin laser beam being emitted it will be impacted by minute pressures/angles of the chamber/barrel which even that is not 100% straight. This tool is designed to have a visual indicator of the movement your muzzle makes from the trigger pull**

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